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 “The people want to gift something that lasts and makes a statement, especially in these fast times, where everyone is always in a hurry.
The champagne cooler DELFAZZO was created with the idea of gifting it to other people. It the communicative ornament that has the task to cheer up, relax and smarten up every group of people.

The first champagne cooler was created in the year 2015 from the solid surface material Corian®, inspired by the almost forgotten Italian fazzoletto style of the 1940s.

The DELFAZZO No. 5 has a room for 3-6 regular bottles and is made for more people or small excesses. Can be perfectly used in the gastronomical area.

height: 30 cm
width: 48 cm
length: 60 cm

color: white

for 3-6 bottles